Our Services

Perfect pre-sales service

HcN Industries provides free on-site exploration services, including material testing, site assessment, and comprehensive analytical reports and project guidance to ensure that the design is more user-friendly and safer.

Detailed ROI analysis

With many years of industry experience, thousands of mine projects have given us a deep understanding of every detail and stage of the mine project. HcN Industries provides customers with detailed investment return analysis.

Professional design

Based on the results of professional on-site inspections, CAD engineering drawings and 3D technology are used to showcase each project design in detail, and strong R&D capabilities provide highly customized equipment for special project needs.

Financial services solutions

HcN Industry has deep cooperation with many domestic financing companies to provide financing services to customers in need and help customers solve financial problems.

Service area

We carefully analyzed the problems that customers may encounter during the project investment process and set up matching service projects and project service personnel to ensure that the problems you feedback during the whole life cycle of the project can be resolved in a timely and effective manner.

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